Maintaining Your Gerber Knife for Miami, Florida, Fishermen and Everyone

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As you shop for Gerber Knives for sale, there are some maintenance steps that you should take to keep your Gerber knife in the best shape. If you take these steps, your knife will remain easy to open and be sharp when you want it.

Keep It Dry

Gerber knives are made of stainless steel, unlike some knives that are made of carbon steel. Stainless steel is the preferred material now because carbon steel is more at risk of being damaged by rust and corrosion. No matter what material is used in your knife, keeping it dry is important. Carry the knife so that it is protected from getting wet. If it does get wet, dry it thoroughly as soon as possible,


Residue from the items on which you have used the knife will build up in the knife, especially in the folding and locking mechanisms. To clean your Gerber knife, use acetone or paint thinner, but be aware that you may need to take extra care with the handle. The materials in the handle may react to the acetone or paint thinner. Do not use anything with chlorine because it will contribute to corrosion.


After you have finished cleaning and thoroughly drying your Gerber knife, you need to lubricate the moving parts and the blade. This will assure that the blades don’t lock or corrode.


Using a high-quality sharpening stone or knife sharpener, create a new edge on your Gerber knife by grinding the edge. Then, finely hone the edge by filing with smaller metal bits so that imperfections are removed and the edge is clean and sharp.


Store your Gerber knife in a cool, dry place, and if it is going to be stored for a while, remove it from the sheath to prevent the sheath from drawing moisture to the knife.

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