Modern Homes In Phoenix And Hardwood Flooring Styles

by | Mar 1, 2019 | Construction & Contractors

One of the challenges with any type of modern style of home is finding the perfect flooring option. While tile or natural stone may be a good option in the bathroom and kitchen, many people want a warmer look for rooms like the living room, formal dining room, and the bedrooms.

A perfect option to create this look while still staying modern and minimal in design elements is hardwood flooring. Choosing the right look in hardwood flooring can create a very modern look and one that is used in many of the top custom designed dream homes in the Phoenix area.

There are many different stores and suppliers offering hardwood flooring. To get the best possible products, and to also have assistance with your interior design, check out the selection offered at Home Solutionz. This website is a great resource and can be used for new home construction as well as for renovations for existing Phoenix homes.

White or Gray Hardwoods

One of the most popular looks in the modern style of home design is the use of white or light gray hardwoods. These can be somewhat distressed in design, creating a look of sophistication but also of comfort and style.

White oak is in demand, and while it is trending it is not trendy. White oak hardwood has been popular in top homes for decades, offering a unique look to traditional types of flooring options. It is also a good match for many of the natural stone flooring options, so it makes an ideal match between the two flooring options.

Wide Plank

Another design element to modernize the look of hardwood flooring is to opt for a wide plank. Traditional hardwood tends to be narrow, with the wide plank allowing for a greater visual impact with a more clearly defined grain in the wood flooring.

Wide plank is a very good match for both small and large rooms. It is a surprisingly versatile option that is also very modern with a clearly defined pattern that makes it a hit in any home.

Let the team at Home Solutionz assist you in choosing the hardwood flooring that is right for a modern home design in Phoenix. To see more, visit us online at

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