More Than Just A Gym: Finding a Fitness Program For Women that Works

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As exciting as it is to begin your journey to health, big box gyms can quickly intimidate even the most ardent of exercisers, and ultimately lead to their (weight loss) doom.

At The MAX Challenge of Ramsey, we understand the importance of comfort, and while our program will be a challenge, we will never make you feel unwelcome. A premier provider of transformational change, read on to see why ours is the ultimate fitness program for women:

Less Judgement

Unlike gyms geared towards body-builders and CNBCNs, The MAX is uniquely designed for people like you. Because we know what it’s like to be in your shoes, we focus on results in a non-competitive and stress-free atmosphere.

Expert Guidance

Not only is it dangerous to use equipment without supervision, but you are unlikely to get the most out of your workout without professional guidance. With the advice of a professional trainer, you’ll ensure the best workout for your body (not to mention, stay safe!).

Social Support

A critical component to any fitness program for women, the camaraderie at The MAX Challenge will soon feel like your second home. Build a network of friends who know what it’s like to walk in your shoes, not just boosting your morale but holding you accountable for showing up.

Whether you’re here to lose weight or to gain muscle,“Company Name” is proud to offer a comprehensive and transformational fitness program for women.

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