Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorneys in Minneapolis, MN and Liability Laws

by | Feb 26, 2020 | Shopping & Fashion

Motorcycle accidents are most commonly caused by another driver and not by the motorcyclist. The other driver’s automotive insurer should be responsible for paying financial compensation to the injured person. Sometimes, however, insurance companies dispute claims. Motorcycle accident injury attorneys in Minneapolis, MN provide free consultations, during which, people can learn whether the insurer is being reasonable or not.

Helmets and Claims

Insurance companies should not deny a claim outright because the rider was not wearing a helmet. Motorcyclists must realize, though, that the relevant law in Minnesota allows insurers to pay less than they would have otherwise. Not wearing a helmet is recognized as a risk factor for head injuries.

Modified Comparative Fault

The law focuses on a legal aspect known as modified comparative fault. A person who suffers a fractured skull while not wearing a helmet might be considered 50 percent at fault for this injury. The insurer would then offer payment for half of the expenses. Motorcycle accident injury attorneys in Minneapolis, MN may be able to increase that amount for the client.

No-Fault Laws

The person may be under the misconception that the at-fault driver is not financially liable because Minnesota is a no-fault state in regard to car accidents. When passenger car drivers get into an accident, each person’s automotive insurance pays for their expenses no matter who is at fault. Motorcyclists, however, are allowed to bring claims against other drivers. Free consultations are provided by Rutzick Law Offices, and contact details can be found at .

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