Negotiating With Car Dealers so That You Can Get the Best Price

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When you’re at a car dealership and trying to get the best deal possible on a car that you like, there are a few secrets to keep in mind. These are usually tips and secrets that a used car dealer in Canton, OH, likely doesn’t want you to know about but that will save you money. Keep in mind that you do need to do your own research about the cars that you see so that you don’t get a vehicle that will give you problems after it’s purchased.

The Right Timing

When you visit a used car dealer in Canton, OH, you want to take a few cars for test drives one day while talking about money on a different day. This will prevent you from getting tired of the entire process and possibly settling for something that you really don’t want.


As soon as you walk onto the property of the car dealership, someone will usually begin trying to decide how much you might be able to afford and what kind of car you want. Avoid letting the dealer know how much you really can spend because you won’t get the best deal this way. Find the car that you want on the lot before making a decision about the price that you want to pay. Negotiate by starting with a lower price than you know that the dealer will take so that you actually save money on the vehicle.

Sales Events

Most dealerships have blowout events and sales where prices appear to be a bit lower. It’s alright to shop during these events, but don’t let a car dealer try to force you into choosing a car on a certain day. The dealership can sell you the same car a few days later at the same price if they really wanted to get it off the lot.

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