Off Campus Housing – 3 Tips to Help College Students Choose an Apartment

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Living in a college dorm can have its ups and downs. You have stayed up all night talking to friends in the lobby. There were also times when a party next door kept you from studying. It has come to the point that now you are ready to live off-campus. Read on to find out about tips for choosing off-campus housing.

Start Looking Early

The University of Georgia offers a variety of sporting, social and educational activities for students. It helps to live near the school to participate in the different events. Rentals tend to go fast in college towns. Most students are looking for apartments near the University of Georgia. If you are looking to move into the apartment for the Fall semester, then you want to start looking that Spring.

Check for Laundry Units

It helps not to get caught up in the aesthetics. You want to live in apartments near the University of Georgia that cover your needs. It helps to check for units with dryers and washing machines or has a laundry facility on site.

Visit Several Apartments

If you start apartment shopping early, then you can look at more than one apartment. You can choose from a studio to living with several roommates. When you visit several apartment complexes, it allows you to compare the different amenities. If you find a favorite, then you should not wait too long to make your choice.

Apartment living allows you to gain some independence and a chance to have your own space. Contact Lark Athens at to schedule a visit today!

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