Preparing For Air Conditioning Installation In Oahu

by | Feb 25, 2019 | Air Conditioning & Heating

While there are some areas of the country where having an air conditioner is not a priority, in Oahu it is essential for your comfort throughout the home. Planning to replace your air conditioner and preparing for the new air conditioner installation is not a difficult process if you are working with a top service provider.

One of the best local companies is Island Comfort Air Conditioning. This company can provide information to homeowners to ensure they choose the correct size and capacity of an air conditioner for their home and also choose a unit that offers all of the features and functions they want. With new technology including zone temperature control and even smart and programmable systems, there are a lot more choices to consider when making a new air conditioner purchase.

Out With The Old

The first step in air conditioner installation is to take out the old system. The crew from the HVAC company should show up on schedule and simply take out the old unit. There is usually limited need to make accommodations or modifications in the home, which can make the process very easy.

The old unit should be removed and disposed of by the HVAC company. They then complete the new air conditioner installation, which can typically be completed in half a day to a full day depending on the specifics of the system and the home.

Final Testing

Before leaving, the air conditioning company technicians should provide a full final inspection of the system and ensure it is working correctly. If you have included specialized types of system control including smart thermostats or zone temperature control, the technician should review these controls as well, answer questions and make sure you are comfortable with the system before leaving your Oahu home.

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