Professional Tree Service in Boston Helps Homeowners Prevent Damage to the Roof and the House

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One important reason to schedule routine Tree Service in Boston is to have the trees trimmed back enough so they are not likely to cause damage to the home’s roof or the rest of the house. Trees can damage roof in a few different ways, but strategic trimming can help reduce that risk. Sometimes a tree must be felled if it has become unstable or weak, or is leaning noticeably in the direction of the house.

Organic Debris in Drainage Gutters

Trees that hang over the roof drop substantial amounts of organic debris into the drainage gutters. The further trimmed back they are, the less of a problem this will be. Homeowners must keep the drainage gutters clear of leaves, seeds, cones and needles to prevent downspout blockages. If water backs up and spills over the side during heavy rain, this can damage the foundation and the basement wall as the ground becomes waterlogged.

Organic Debris in Valleys

Leaves, evergreen needles and other tree debris that drop onto the roof and gather in valleys should be swept away at least a couple of times a year. This can be done after the spring drop of blossoms and seeds, and again in late autumn before the weather turns snowy. Most of the leaves typically blow away, but some become bogged down with pine needles and cones. Moisture trapped in the valleys can cause deterioration to the shingles. This is another reason why a tree service in Boston should keep branches trimmed back from the roof area.

Branches Dragging on the Roof

Tree branches and leaves attached to twigs should never drag on the roof or even touch it. Again, the branches should be pruned back to a reasonable distance. Otherwise, gradual damage to the shingles can occur.

Scheduling Trimming

Ideally, tree trimming would be scheduled annually. The tree service technician would evaluate all the trees on the property and make any recommended cuts to branches. If the homeowner would rather wait until branches are noticeably encroaching over the roof, that is another option. Anyone interested in learning about one particular contractor may visit us.

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