Pros and Cons of a Wrought Iron Fence

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With so many fencing options out there, it’s easy to end up confused and overwhelmed. Here’s a quick rundown of the pros of opting for a wrought iron fence in Tucson, AZ to help you narrow down your choices, whether it’s for a residential or commercial property:

Pro: It’s sturdy

This type of fence is a whole lot stronger than other common fencing materials like vinyl or wood. It’s tough and doesn’t break easily so if you want a fence that won’t break down on you any time soon, this is the best thing on your list.

Con: Visible wear over time

The fence shows signs of visible wear over the years. It will begin to corrode after being exposed to high humidity levels, wind, heat and rain. Rust is a particular problem. However, regularly painting over your fence can keep rust from forming so that’s one solution you can keep in mind.

Pro: Stylish choices

There are plenty of designs when you shop for a wrought iron fence in Tucson, AZ, says Do It Yourself. From trendy to romantic, classical to contemporary, you can opt for any type of style and design you like.

Con: Lack of privacy

It’s very easy to see through the material. So if you want a bit of privacy in your backyard or front lawn, this might not be the right material for you. To resolve the issue, you could consider adding on privacy screens to make up for it. That should be a handy way of dealing with the privacy problem.

So consider these pros and cons carefully before you take your pick. If you’re set on sturdy and stylish and the lack of privacy isn’t a problem—nor is regular painting to keep the material in tip-top shape—then an iron fence should fit the bill quite nicely. Contact professionals at Able Fence LLC will offer a variety of fencing options for you to find the right one for your property.

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