Protect Your Kid’s Teeth with Sealants Applied in Chino Hills

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Finding a reputable dental office that offers dental sealants for kids in Chino Hills, California, doesn’t have to seem like an impossible mission. There’s a dental office in this area that offers fine dental services kids need to have good oral health. Dental sealants are one of these services, and here’s some information about them:

Why are dental sealants needed?

Dental sealants help prevent tooth decay. They create a barrier so food, bacteria, and acid doesn’t damage the teeth. Sealants can continue to work for many years, but how long they last depend on how well the child takes care of his or her teeth.

When and how are sealants administered?

When a child gets his or her molars is when sealants are applied. Dentists recommend having the procedure done immediately after the molars emerge. Sealant applications may need to be done more than once.

Before sealants are applied, the teeth to be sealed are cleaned and prepared for the process. After this is done, the sealant is painted onto the teeth (usually with a sealant that consists of liquid plastic). It is left to dry, and a special light is used to cure the plastic and make the sealant hard. The procedure is done in one visit, and it causes no pain.

Get in touch with Kids Dental Specialists if you want dental sealants for kids in Chino Hills. Make an appointment and fill out a patient form online to save time later. Find out more about this dental practice by calling 909-591-0077.

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