Providing Training for Employees in Georgia on Cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity education is key for every enterprise. Some organizations minimize the importance of cybersecurity because they do not work in the tech industry. They feel that since they do not store sensitive information or do not have financial data, they are not at risk of cybercriminal attacks. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Another myth that prevents small to medium-sized businesses from investing in cybersecurity education is the idea that cybercriminals are only interested in large multinational organizations. The reality is that cybercriminals love targeting small to medium-sized enterprises because they typically lack the expensive, powerful cybersecurity prevention software and techniques that larger organizations have.

Whether a company has cybersecurity technology or not, cybersecurity is about people. Technology is irrelevant if the people using it are not using it properly. An organization can have several protocols in place to protect its company from bad actors. However, if their employees are visiting questionable websites or clicking on questionable links, all of the cybersecurity technology in the world will not protect the organization.

Educating employees in cybersecurity can help them be aware of potential dangers and make wise decisions that will protect the best interests of the company. Targeted phishing scams are one of the biggest risks an organization faces. The only way to truly protect against this risk is to know what to look for when opening an email, conversing on social media, or using chat platforms. A properly educated staff is able to take steps to minimize cybersecurity risk and to react properly when a breach occurs.

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