Qualities That Make a Mid Century Dining Table a Great Choice

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In the time period between 1940 an 1960, furniture designs were made with functionality as the main focus. This resulted in simple and long-lasting pieces that have been preferred by many to date. A mid century dining table will look great in any home as will any other piece of furniture or décor inspired by this time period. Why qualities can you expect to get from this furniture?

Simple and Sleek

Simplicity is what makes mid century furniture attractive. After all, in décor, less is always more. The wood used usually had natural looks with teak being the most popular choice. Emphasis was put on showcasing the natural beauty of wood.


The furniture pieces made focused more on functionality than aesthetics. This led to creation of pieces that were strong and would last a long time. Some pieces have remained in use to this day without many modifications.

Few Embellishments Used

Decorative elements added to furniture were kept at a minimum. A sleek environment without clutter was the end result. Geometrical shapes were used to design the furniture. The prints used were also geometric in nature.

Bold Colors

A mid century dining table may be found in white, black or turquoise. These bold colors gained popularity in this time period as designers ditched the boring browns and grays preferred previously.

With a dining table designed with the mid century design you get a strong, great-looking and functional piece that will fit perfectly in your home. Where can you buy this piece of furniture? Visit https://gaiasroots.shop.

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