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by | Mar 18, 2019 | Shopping & Fashion

Searching for a new job can take patience and the ability to locate job openings that are not necessarily posted to the general public. While networking is a common job search tactic, some job seekers work with recruiters to help streamline the process. Recruiters can provide an array of services, including mock interviews, matching a job seeker’s interests and background with appropriate positions, sending resumes and CVs to prospective employers, arranging interviews, and following up on interviews for clients. The Recruiting Specialists is an example of a recruiting agency. Browse the Website for more information.


The main advantage of using a recruiter to help with a job search is time savings. Recruitment firms specializing in Designer Recruitment Tulsa OK can help match qualified candidates with openings in the field without having the job seeker spend time finding suitable openings. Recruiters get multiple listings from organizations in an area, which can be of interest to various job seekers depending upon their career goals and professional backgrounds. If someone is new to an area, recruiters can help that job seeker navigate through an unknown job market and unfamiliar employers. They can also assist in representing an individual who has just established residence in an area.

Initiating the Process

Some recruiters advertise open positions, particularly opportunities that involve multiple openings for the same job or with the same organization, or openings that need to be filled quickly. Firms can either be general employment specialists or specialize in a particular field, such as Designer Recruitment Tulsa OK. Job seekers who choose to work with a recruitment firm can either start the process by responding to an ad or by scheduling an appointment. Recruiters will often ask job seekers to fill out an application and provide reference information, as well as conduct a series of interviews to understand what type of job the person is looking for.

While many recruiters will keep a job seeker’s resume and information on file for future job openings, they are typically able to match a person with an available opening within a reasonable amount of time. Recruiters may initiate the process with individuals when they find resumes on online job boards. The advantages of using a recruiter include gaining access to the hidden job market and working with someone who can help with the more time-consuming tasks involved in finding a job. Contact The Recruiting Specialists for more information.

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