Reasons to Rent a Harley in Fort Lauderdale

by | Apr 24, 2019 | Automotive

Fort Lauderdale is one of them most popular destinations for vacationers and college kids in Florida. And with the white sand and endless beaches, it has some of the best scenery around. But when you fly to Fort Lauderdale and don’t have any transportation to see the surrounding sites, you may want to rent a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Here’s why.

Relatively Inexpensive
Renting a motorcycle at a Harley Motorcycle Rentals Fort Lauderdale FL place is relatively inexpensive when you consider all the fun you can have with it. The cost is not much more than renting jet skis or parasailing above the ocean. And it’s a lot less expensive than renting one of the area boats. In most cases, you’ll pay between $100 and $165, depending on whether you rent the Harley for half the day or all day.

Nothing Like It
With a Harley motorcycle rental, you’ll enjoy the warm sun on your face and the wind rushing at you as you drive beside the vast stretches of Fort Lauderdale Beach. And if you have someone special with you, there’s nothing more enjoyable than riding a Harley motorcycle on a nice sunny day.

Rentals Without Motorcycle Licenses
Even if you don’t have a motorcycle license, you can still probably rent a Slingshot at your Harley Motorcycle Rentals Fort Lauderdale FL dealer to tour the area. You must be at least 21 years old with a valid license from your state.

Take a Tour
Although there are actual motorcycle tours scheduled, you can venture out on your own to various destinations. Ride down to Okeechobee Lake and see its vast beauty, as it’s the second largest lake in America. You can also step back in time and tour some Old Florida towns like Clewiston, LaBelle and Sebring. Miami Beach isn’t that far away, or you could travel the amazing seven-mile bridge. There’s certainly plenty to see on your Harley.

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