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by | Nov 3, 2023 | Pest Control Service

It’s a nasty business, bed bugs. The press has published a lot of stories about bed bugs in hotels or apartments. People don’t like to admit they have bed bugs at home. It’s a lot like the time schools were sending notes home to parents about head lice infestation at school

The good news is that are now some very effective commercial treatments that can remove bed bugs. The first thing to do is be sure it is bed bugs biting and not some other insect such as fleas or ticks. Bed Bug Treatment in Brisbane offers an identification comparison chart online to compare one bug from another.

Steps to eliminating bed bugs:

* Don’t start throwing all linen in the trash can. It is possible with the right removal process towels and sheets can be safe again.

* Analyze an approach before immediately using a bug spray.

* Explore alternatives. Try other things before resorting to pesticides. The integrated pest management control systems offer alternatives to pesticides. Also, Bed Bug Treatment in Brisbane can help create an elimination process.

Clean up clutter

* Check to see if all corners in a room are clear of dust-creating materials. Pests like to make a home in dark places under piles of clothes, books and other household items.

* Until the problem has been eirradicated, whash laundry daily for a while to remove any eggs that may have made a home in the bed.

Freezing the bugs out

An alternative to killing bed bugs at home is to freeze them out. This is a difficult process, but one to try. Linen and other items can be put outside in freezing temperatures. Some try home freezers, but otern they are not cold enough

Using heat to kill bed bugs

Another alternative is to kill them with heat. For this option, some have tried putting items into a black plastic bad in the sun for several hours.The temperature must reach at least 113 deg F to kill the bugs and the learve. Visit website to know more.

Keep the bugs at home

* Bed bugs like to travel. Be careful about throwing out the infested mattress. It could be spreading the problem to other homes.

Working with a professional Pest Management Services company is often the most successful means of eliminating bed bugs. Visit Flick Pest Control Brisbane to know more.

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