Reviewing Laws With A Construction Site Accidents Attorney In Queens County, NY

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In New York, construction zones present a multitude of hazards to workers and anyone who enters the area. Federal laws apply to the workspaces and are followed to lower common risks of serious accidents and potentially life-threatening injuries. Regulations must be followed from the beginning of the project until its end.

Construction Site Accidents Attorney in Queens County NY

Barriers Around the Construction Site

All construction formen are required to set up a barrier around the entire construction zone and prevent unauthorized entry. Pedestrians entering the construction zone could face serious injuries if they enter the area. Personnel is supposed to mitigate risks of pedestrian accidents within the perimeter.

Signs Leading Up to the Construction Zone

Signs leading up to the construction zone must have letters that are at least 10 inches tall and printed in black. All signs must determine the current distance to the construction zone. All drivers approaching the area should be aware of any potential hazards as directed by the signs.

Warnings Prior to Demolition Services

Demolition services are scheduled when the land must be cleared of an existing structure. Some construction or demo companies use explosives the level large-scale buildings. When a project requires explosives, the demo service must publish an ad in the local newspaper working the public about the risks. The ad must appear in the newspaper at least one week prior to the start of the project.

Worker-Related Accidents

Construction workers are at risk of sustaining injuries during a construction project. A foreman must assess potential risks throughout the project and provide protective gear for the workers. If an accident occurs, a worker’s comp claim is filed for the injured worker.

In New York, construction zones possess a multitude of hazards that could create a premises liability, pedestrian accident, and worker-related injuries. Risk mitigation precautions must be followed by the construction company and its foreman at all times. Warning signs are positioned near the workspace prior to the beginning of the project. Victims of construction accidents contact a Construction Site Accidents Attorney in Queens County NY through The Law Offices of Joseph J. Perrini III or Click here for more information right now.

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