Reviewing Vital Details with a Truck Accidents Lawyer in Grand Haven

by | May 9, 2019 | Lawyers & Law Firms

In Michigan, 18-wheeler accidents lead to serious injuries that often present victims with financial hardships. If the commercial driver is at fault, then the victim has the right to file a claim against them if insurance claims aren’t available. Reviewing vital details with a trucking accidents lawyer in Grand Haven helps victims understand their rights when filing a claim.

Complete Investigation of the Accident

The officers conduct a complete investigation of the trucking accident according to federal regulations. An accident report is completed after the officers determine who caused the accident. The truck undergoes an inspection to determine if it meets safety regulations, and the driver undergoes chemical testing for drugs or alcohol.

Did the Driver Follow Federal Regulations?

The driver is required to follow all federal regulations for operating an 18-wheeler. They keep a log of all their travels and must show that they didn’t exceed their driver limitations. The drivers must complete an eight-hour resting period after all 12-hour driving shifts. They must also stop all weighing stations along their travels to ensure that their load meets requirements.

Did the Victim Suffer Serious Injuries?

The victim’s injuries could entitle them to additional awards if they are life-changing. Permanent conditions or disabilities warrant more extensive compensation. If the victim is unable to work, the defendant could face a settlement for the victim’s lifetime earnings. The most common conditions that lead to the larger settlements are traumatic brain injuries, loss of limb or organ function, and disfigurements.

Does the Victim Have Estimates for Their Auto Repair Requirements?

The victim must provide estimates for their auto repair requirements. Typically, they need at least three estimates that include the damage from the accident only. Vehicle inspection is required in some cases.

In Michigan, 18-wheeler accidents lead to serious injuries that alter lives and destroy automobiles. The accidents are often caused by exhausted drivers who don’t follow federal regulations. For this reason, all 18-wheeler accidents require a full investigation. Serious injuries lead to more complex cases. Victims who need to hire a trucking accidents lawyer in Grand Haven are encouraged to contact Bleakley Law Offices, P.C. right now.

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