Rodent Removal in Baltimore, MD, for Mice Entering Through the A/C

by | Feb 14, 2020 | Pest Control

Some households call pest control services for rodent removal in Baltimore, MD, after mice get into the ventilation system. This is an uncommon problem, but sometimes mice find a way to get in through the outside central air unit. In other cases, mice get in another way and crawl down a return air register. Pest control technicians trap the mice inside and block possible entry points where rodents could get in.

Discovering the Infestation

Mice may get trapped at the bottom of the furnace when coming in through the central air unit since those two appliances share much of the indoor equipment. This can happen when they crawl into the duct work as well. If this doesn’t occur, they may start building a nest made of insulation or other suitable materials they find. At some point, the household residents either hear the rodents crawling around, or they start to smell odors wafting up through the vents.

The critters can even be electrocuted if they chew on wiring, which most frequently occurs on the exterior central air unit. Household residents may have found a dead mouse or two lying alongside the unit and not known why this occurred until now. After rodent removal in Baltimore, MD, is complete, the homeowners may want to have the ducts professionally cleaned to remove any mouse droppings that have been left there.

Ending the Problem

It’s important to end this problem as soon as possible. Mice infestations can be eliminated by Atlas Exterminator Co Inc, which provides information on its services. To know more, click here.

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