Saving Money On Structural Steel In Edmonton

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Buildings of all types from warehouses to multi-residential buildings are now constructed using steel structural components instead of more traditional materials. In Edmonton and through the province, the choice of structural steel adds to the life cycle of the building, creates a more environmentally sustainable building and also prevents a lot of the structural repairs and maintenance required with wood structural components in buildings.

The cost of structural steel is a consideration on any projects. However, the long-term return on investment with virtually no maintenance and repairs required quickly makes up the difference. Keep in mind, steel will not rot, twist or warp, which are all common issues with other options.

Buy From One Supplier

Maximum Metals, Ltd. is a premier supplier of structural steel for all types of projects. This company offers a full range of steel products from a square and round bar to flat bar, plates, and tubing.

The company also offers wide flange-shaped components, channels, and angles as well as hollow structural sections. With all these structural steel options at one location, it is possible to save money by doing business with one supplier.

One supplier means getting the best prices and also working with just one company. There is less time spent ordering and paying invoices, and coordinating JIT deliveries to the job site becomes much easier and more manageable, even on larger projects.

Also, by buying everything from one supplier in Edmonton, shipping costs can also be reduced, particularly for construction contractors in and around the area. These companies can cut to order and also to provide any welding services needed before arriving at your location. This saves time on your end and also helps to decrease waste as you are only buying and paying freight on the steel you need.

Maximum Metals, Ltd. offers a top in-house inventory of structural steel materials for all types of construction and manufacturing requirements. To learn more, see us online at website

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