Shower Door Repair in Santa Clarita CA and Considerations of Replacement for Older Models

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Many homeowners decide to have sliding shower doors installed on a bathtub to replace the curtain. Others have full remodeling done in a master bathroom so frameless doors can be installed for a standalone shower. At some point, Shower Door Repair in Santa Clarita CA may become necessary if the features are damaged in any way.

Numerous types of glass are available for these features. They can be clear or textured with various levels of opaqueness. Transparent doors make the room look bigger and sleeker, and the entire space becomes lighter too. This is a marked change from a shower curtain that isn’t clear or frosted doors that are now being replaced.

Tempered Glass vs. Older Products

Newer doors are made of tempered glass, which is incredibly difficult to break. This is a type of safety glass that is used for security purposes as well, as burglars have too much trouble trying to break it. Older doors, however, may be made of glass that is more easily shattered. If this ever happens, the glass part of the door or the entire door should be replaced by a company providing service for Shower Door Repair in Santa Clarita CA.

The Risk of Shattering Glass

To be on the safe side, households should have this structure replaced as a proactive measure. A shattered shower door can cause serious injury. The glass can break if someone slips and hits the door or if a hard object manages to hit the glass. This also can occur if someone uses a towel bar attached to the door as a grip bar. Also, numerous disturbing incidents have been reported of the glass shattering for no apparent reason.

Inspection and Maintenance

If the household doesn’t want to replace an older door, they might consider having a technician from a company such as Palmdale Glass & Mirror Co. perform an inspection on the structure. Fasteners might need to be tightened and the panel alignment may need to be adjusted. These measures can prevent cracks forming in the glass. Anyone who needs shower door repair, maintenance or replacement may visit the website to get started.

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