Showing Your Love the Ethical Way with Lab Created Diamonds

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When you buy your loved one a diamond, you want them to treasure it forever. The problem is, diamonds nowadays can sometimes have a rocky reputation. In order to ensure that your loved one gets the treasured experience they’ve always wanted, it may be time to consider a guilt-free alternative: lab created diamonds.

All the Beauty, None of the Baggage

If you love diamonds, but are troubled by the ethical concerns that have risen around the trade over the last few decades, you’re far from alone. While there are certainly some ethical diamond companies on the market, all too many of the diamonds in circulation are obtained from mining companies that employ degrading and harmful work conditions. The bottom line is this: you want your loved one to look at their diamond and experience nothing but unbridled joy. Why risk the possibility of that joy being marred by a sense of guilt over how the diamond was acquired? Lab created diamonds represent the perfect alternative. They offer the same brilliant luster and commanding presence we value so highly in traditional diamonds, but come with none of the associated social concerns.

A Great Value

With lab created diamonds, you get a stone that is made in a controlled laboratory environment, using the exact same processes that produce a diamond in nature: extreme heat and pressure applied to carbon. The only difference is that they don’t have to be mined from the earth, and there are consequently no tricky ethical concerns to manage. For the same reason, lab created diamonds can generally be had at just a fraction of the cost of their natural diamond counterparts. The scarcity of traditional diamonds is a large part of their significant cost, as diamonds that are ready to mine have been in the making for more than a billion years. Conversely, lab created diamonds can be made in as little as six weeks. This makes them not only the ethical choice, but the financially smart one as well!

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