Siggi Wilzig: From Holocaust Survivor to Wall Street Oil and Banking Tycoon

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Siegbert B. Wilzig survived both Aushwitz and Mauthausen during the Holocaust. Upon arriving in the United States penniless in 1947, he changed his name to Siggi and began what can only be described as a meteoric rise to success.

Early Life

Siggi Wilzig was born in Krojanke, Prussia, in 1926 as the second youngest of eight children to conservative Jewish parents. By 1941, he was working as forced labor in a German armament camp. In 1943, Wilzig, along with the rest of his family, found himself in Auschwitz. He initially survived by lying about his age and endured starvation, beatings, and other forms of torture, as well as two death marches before being liberated in 1945.

Coming to America

After spending two years tracking down SS operators as a volunteer with the U.S. Counter-Intelligence Corps, Wilzig earned a Visa to come to America. He arrived with only $240 and spent the next decade working whatever jobs he could.

In the early 1960s, he began investing in oil by buying stock in Wilshire Oil Company of Texas.

Rise to Fortune

By 1965, he had led a takeover of Wilshire and impressed the board of directors with a significant increase in the company’s bottom line. His business prowess led to him being elected President and Chief Executive by the time he was 39, which was only the beginning of a long and incredible career.

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