Signs That You Need An Urgent Water Heater Replacement Port Richey FL

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The standard lifespan of a water heater is typically eight years. Regular maintenance and quick fixing of repairs will extend the life of your water heater. Many households depend on water heaters, especially during the cold seasons to get through certain tasks such as baths, washing, cooking, and cleaning. Due to its frequent use, the water heater is bound to wear off and reduce its productivity, demanding a replacement. To avoid surprises, you could learn about some of the signs your water heater could be displaying that could warrant a replacement.

The age of your water heater

As earlier mentioned, the standard home water heater has a lifespan of about eight to ten years. Nothing lasts forever, including the water heater. If you are already counting above eight years of service from the heater, it’s time to start shopping for a water heater replacement Port Richey FL.

Discolored rusty water

You haven’t had issues with the color of cold water from other outlets, but every time you turn on hot water, it comes out discolored. That is a clear indication that your water heater could be rusting from the interior parts. Wear is a normal process that needs quick intervention before the water heater begins to leak.

Bizarre noise

Another clear telltale sign of a failing water heater is rumbling and unusual noise from the tank. Usually, the water heater runs on some sound that shouldn’t be distinctive. However, if the noise keeps getting louder and more pronounced, it could be as a result of built-up sediment that keeps getting thicker. These hardened sediments lead to energy wastage and rapid wearing off of the water heater.

Any of these signs warrants an immediate water heater replacement Port Richey FL before the problem escalates into affecting other systems. We specialize in this particular trade of water heater replacement services to help you continue enjoying heated water. Call us today.

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