Signs that You Need to Call a Certified Lactation Counselor in Jackson, TN

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Lactation is the act by which a mother’s breasts secrete milk and the baby takes it in by suckling. While the process sounds rather simple, this is not always the case. Many moms struggle with breastfeeding their babies and they require the help of a certified lactation counselor in Jackson, TN. When should you call for one?

Having Your First Child

A lactation consultant should be part of your pre and post natal care especially if you are having your first baby. You have no prior experience and you do not know how to do many things. Luckily, a lactation counselor can help with the most important part, ensuring the baby is well-fed. They will teach you the dos and don’ts of lactation.

Baby Not Latching Properly

If your baby in unable to latch and hold on to the nipple for long, it is an indication that something is wrong. It could be that the baby has not learned how to latch the right way or the mother is breastfeeding in an awkward position. All these are easily solved by a lactation consultant.

Painful or Sore Breasts

Whether your breasts are engorged with milk, the nipples are sore or you have breast discharge, you need to call a certified lactation counselor in Jackson, TN immediately. They will not only help you solve the issue but also identify the cause and solve it so you do not experience the same in future.

You can see a lactation consultant at any time before or during breastfeeding. Expect to get useful insights from them including the bra to wear, how to hold your baby when lactating and much more. Who is the ideal lactation expert to call? Someone who is experienced and passionate about their job! Hub City Doula is a great choice who you can get in touch with at

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