Signs You May Need a Root Canal

by | Mar 13, 2019 | Dental Care

The term root canal is easily misunderstood and can elicit fear, keeping many out of a Philadelphia, PA, dentist office. However, the truth is if your tooth is hurting badly; in most cases, the procedure can bring welcome relief. How do you know you need a root canal rather than an extraction? Here are three common signs you will benefit from the procedure.

Painful and Sensitive Tooth

Healthy teeth won’t cause you pain. However, an infected tooth will likely cause much discomfort. Signs to look for include a tooth becoming extremely sensitive to heat, cold and pressure. An unhealthy tooth might even be painful with a sudden rush of air. Often, a severely infected tooth won’t cause any pain, so it’s important to know about other signs as well.

Darkening Tooth

When decay affects the inside of a tooth, the pulp changes color. This can make the tooth appear darker than other teeth around it, especially as the infection gets worse. If you notice a painful tooth becoming quite a bit darker than the surrounding teeth, it’s time to check with a Philadelphia, PA, dentist.

Unhealthy Gums

When a tooth becomes infected, it can also affect the gums. Sometimes, the gums around the tooth will be red, swollen or tender. When the root of a tooth is infected, the gums nearby may develop a lesion or a small, pimple-like bump. This raised bump is often an indication the procedure can bring you some relief and save the tooth from extraction.

Why See a Philadelphia, PA, Dentist for a Root Canal?

No one likes having a tooth extracted, and your real teeth are better than the best prosthetic options. The main advantages of having this procedure done are saving the tooth and eliminating the pain. After the procedure, the tooth is crowned to protect it from further decay and infection.

If you have a painful tooth or think you may need a root canal, please visit the Center City Dentists website to discuss treatment options with a Philadelphia, PA, dentist.

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