Startups Often Look For Inventory Funding

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Among the problems a startup company faces is that of how to handle their inventory of goods that can leave a large amount of finding tied up in unsold items. The inventory a company holds has a monetary value that many companies see as the money they cannot access until all their held products are sold. By looking to take advantage of inventory funding, the majority of companies can obtain funding to expand their business opportunities using their unsold inventory as the collateral and value of a loan.

A Good Way of Obtaining Funding

How should a company view its unsold inventory? This is a question many business owners face when they are looking to continue their growth but are hamstrung by their unsold inventory. A positive way of using any inventory is to use it to leverage a loan from an investment finding company that will be willing to use goods as a form of collateral. Unlike other forms of funding that require the business to leave their goods in a secure warehouse to secure funding, the goods used as inventory can still be sold to assist the startup in moving forward.

Why Choose Inventory Funding?

The decision to choose inventory as a form of collateral is usually taken when the business has exhausted the majority of its other forms of funding. An inventory financing agreement will see a loan to the value of between 50 and 70 percent of the established value of the inventory made available as a short-term loan. Contact Rose Capital Funding to learn more about inventory funding.

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