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Many professional leaders understand and acknowledge they are overwhelmed with tasks that could be delegated to someone with the right level of training and experience. At the same time, most professional leaders have found that attempting to hire someone to manage these critical tasks is both difficult and time-consuming.

Some professionals have even had the experience of trying to find an executive assistant, only to determine the experienced candidates for in-house positions were too costly for their company to afford. The virtual assistants through freelance sites lacked the skills and business acumen to be of value for more than basic office tasks.

The Answer Is Professional Assistant Services

Working with a top agency offering remote professional assistants is the best solution possible. These agencies take the time and vet and screen their virtual executive assistants, ensuring they have the experience, expertise, and skills needed to integrate into any workplace and provide the required level of professional assistance services and support.

The Service Options

An experienced remote executive assistant can provide a wide range of professional assistance services for a business leader. These services can be customized and tailored to meet your individual needs. Common services offered by remote executive assistants include:

  • Managing staff scheduling

  • Providing insight into business operations

  • Project management and coordination

  • Managing the flow of information throughout the company

  • Management of scheduling, meetings, travel, and your time

  • Personal assistant support

As the assistant works in the organization, new roles and opportunities for increased support will evolve. A top professional is able to assume those roles, further freeing up professional leaders to focus on their priorities.

At ProAssisting, we focus on providing the right professional assistant to assist with all aspects of your business. To find out more, see us online at

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