Texture Mate Roller Cover

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Painting walls or ceilings with a textured roller can produce a significant change in the ambience of a room. The texture created can transform dull or dirty surfaces, introduce dramatic color change, and infuse texture that provides depth and character. With the right texture roller, you can achieve successful results in your painting project. At Pro Roller Company, we offer a high quality texture roller cover, the Texture Mate, to help you add impressive texture to various surfaces.

Textured paint can give flat walls new dimension and also patch up smooth sections on drywall that is otherwise textured. Texture paint has a thicker consistency to it than regular paint, or it has additives that give it texture. As such, it is moldable with the right tool, such as our texture mate roller cover.

Our Texture Mate Roller Cover
The texture mate roller cover we offer consists of blue looped vinyl material that is ideal for applying heavy texture paints and aggregate epoxies. In contains a solvent resistant phenolic core. This full cover texture roller is the tool you need to produce exceptional-looking surface coatings time and time again on flat or textured surfaces.

When you need texture on your wall or ceiling surfaces, our texture mate roller is the perfect option. It allows you to create beautiful textured coatings on surfaces and provide efficient coverage on surfaces with texture.

Get the Best Paint Roller for Textured Walls
For more information about the Texture Mate paint roller cover for textured walls and ceilings, call us today at 800.325.9561 or reach us through our contact form.

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