The Benefits of Going Spring Free

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As comforting as it is to watch your children romp around in the back yard, there is nothing more important than making sure that their play is as safe as it is fun. At Swingset Toy & Warehouse, we take your family’s safety seriously, and are proud to offer a range of modernized equipment designed specifically to keep your kids safe. One of the most exciting additions to our line-up is the new-age spring-free trampoline, which we are eager to introduce to the New Jersey market. Curious to learn more? Keep reading:


By removing exposed springs around the perimeter of traditional trampolines, a spring-free model decreases the danger of injury so common to conventional equipment. While some trampolines have added padding to protect against sprained wrists and stuck ankles, only a spring-free trampoline eliminates the risk of injury and affords your children the safe play they deserve.


Not only do spring-free trampolines require less maintenance and oversight than their coil-burdened predecessors, but their structure and design offer a smoother and less jarring elasticity. For those looking to get more bounce for their buck, this is the ultimate jumping experience.


Unlike trendy fashions and cheap machinery that wear out as soon as they leave the lot, spring-free trampolines offer as durable and dependable an experience as traditional spring models. Of course, as with all outdoor equipment, proper and regular maintenance is suggested in order to increase the longevity and efficacy of your product.

If a spring-free trampoline sounds too good be true, we invite you to stop in to one of our showrooms and see the difference for yourself. A premier provider of outdoor equipment in New Jersey, Swingset Toy & Warehouse eagerly awaits the opportunity to show your family what fun – and safe – play really means.

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