The Differences Between An Urgent Care Center And An Emergency Room

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Making the decision to seek medical care is not only emotionally stressful but there may also be concerns about costs and insurance coverage. Knowing what type of medical facility to choose can help you save time, stress, and money during your visit.

Primary Care Physicians Vs. Urgent Care Clinics

In and around McKinney, TX, patients have the option to choose an emergency room or an urgent care center. They may also choose to see their primary care physician in his or her office, but this option is typically not available evenings or weekends. It may also require waiting for an appointment, which may not be possible if the medical issue requires immediate attention. Most doctor offices require advanced appointments, and it may be difficult to get an appointment within a reasonable time if the medical issue is concerning or time sensitive.

Urgent Care Clinics Vs. Emergency Rooms

An urgent care center is a local clinic that offers a wide range of services. These clinics can offer more medical treatments than a doctor’s office, but they do not treat emergency issues handled by a hospital emergency room.

The medical staff at an urgent care center in McKinney, TX, can treat a wide range of non-emergency situations. This includes minor fractures, skin rashes, colds, flu, stomach bugs, digestive upsets, minor lacerations, muscle pain, strains, sprains, allergic reactions that are not life-threatening, fevers, skin infections, earaches, and other similar conditions.

Unlike 24-hour emergency rooms, urgent care clinics often have extended hours and weekend hours but are typically not open 27/7. Like emergency rooms, these are walk-in clinics and do not require an appointment to see medical staff.

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