The Energy Savings of Landscaping Services in San Francisco Bay Area

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If you are looking for landscaping services, you should look to a professional. While yard work can be something you do yourself, actual landscaping needs a professional. A professional will know when and where to plant certain flowers, vegetables, and trees. There are trees that prefer to grow in the shade, for example, so a shade-grown tree would need to be on the north side of your house to get shade for the majority of the day.

On the other hand, a full-sun tree would need to be on the east or south side of your home, away from the shadow of your home. A skilled landscaper will know how to do that and which plants need which nutrients. You can also save some money with good outdoor landscaping.

Saving Money

You can save money with quality landscaping services in San Francisco Bay Area. In a warm place like Arizona, most of the heat in your home comes from sunshine and warm air. If you plant some large shade trees on the south side of your home or on the east side, they will not only get full sun, but they will reduce the amount of sun hitting your home. Eden Garden Design Group in San Francisco Bay Area can help you determine which trees will cut down on the sun hitting your home and save you money.

Growing Food

Landscaping services in San Francisco Bay Area can help you save money by allowing you to grow food as well. You can grow vegetables and fruit trees that will yield free food while they are in season. Fruit trees are also great because they are often pollinated by bees. Many pollinating bees are endangered and need food sources such as fruit and vegetable plants.

You’ll be saving money by providing shade and free food as well as helping the environment by saving bees. It is a great situation for everyone involved.

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