The Process Of A Hearing Test

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People who are 50 years and older should periodically get a hearing test. A hearing test is also prescribed to anyone at any age who suspects hearing loss. There are multiple steps when it comes to hearing tests, knowing what to expect helps in lowering anxiety about it.

Assessment of lifestyle

A lifestyle assessment is done to evaluate and create an individualized solution. This assessment also helps determine some causes of hearing loss. A sample situation is if you are in a band, and you sing every night at gigs. Exposure to loud noises can be an explanation for your hearing conditions.

Health history

It is vital to evaluate your overall health condition and any medication you are currently taking. Illness such as diabetes and high blood pressure can have an impact on hearing. Genes also play a role as one can be predisposed.

Hearing evaluation

This part of the process is where they gauge the level of hearing loss that you have if any.

Different tests would have different steps, which are given by the doctor or the hearing care specialist.

Test results

Your handling practitioner will review the results. There is a visual presentation of your hearing level called an audiogram, more often than not, it will be shown to explain your hearing status better.


If the tests would show a positive result, that you indeed have hearing loss, a display of hearing aids is done so you can choose the one that better suit your taste.

Fit and adjust

This part of the process is where you are introduced to the hearing aid of your choice, where you get to try it on and where the levels are adjusted to your preferences.

Most hearing care facilities conduct hearing tests. Affinity hearing– a hearing center in Minnetonka MN will even adjust your current hearing aids. They also provide you tips and are even straight forward when you need to upgrade your current ones. Have yourself checked and know that clear hearing is just a step away. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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