The Smoky Mountains of Tennessee Produce the Finest Hemp Flower

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The moderate climate and rich soil of Tennessee are perfect for growing cannabis and hemp; while cannabis remains illegal in the state, CBD, Delta 8 and natural tennessee hemp flowers are perfectly legal.

In fact, Tennessee hemp flower is used to produce locally made CBD products, as well as Delta 8. These natural, herbal products have many healing benefits, including improving mood and pain relief. Unlike prescription medications, CBD and Delta 8 pose little risk for addiction or adverse side effects.

Hemp flower is not only distilled into CBD and Delta 8, it can also be smoked like cannabis. However, it won’t get you high. Rather, the pain-relieving mood-lifting cannabinoids will be absorbed quickly through the lungs.

If you are not familiar with Delta 8, it is a milder version of Delta 9 THC, the high-inducing ingredient in marijuana. Delta 8 THC falls into a “gray zone” legally, and the federal government classifies it alongside CBD. Unless the law changes, Delta 8 is legal both federally and in the state of Tennessee. However, don’t use Delta 8 products if you are subject to drug testing; it will register as if you have been using marijuana.

Hemp grown in the Eastern mountains of Tennessee is not only superior but also helps the local economy. It’s a cash crop that could very well be the future for the farmers of the Smoky Mountain region. When you buy products made from natural Tennessee hemp flowers, you are also supporting local Smoky Mountain farmers.

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