Things About Dog Boarding NYC Pet Owners Need to Know

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Pet owners board their pets for a number of reasons. Boarding is used while pet owners complete remodeling projects or while they are out-of-town on vacation or on business. There are some things about dog boarding in NYC that pet owners should consider before they leave their dog for the first time.

Food is often an issue when pet owners leave their dog in a boarding facility. While some boarders prefer to feed all of the dogs from the same food source, that isn’t always what is best for the dog. When dogs eat their normal diet while they are boarded, they are less likely to develop upset stomachs or refuse to eat the food that is provided to them. If your dog will only eat a certain kind of food, be sure that the facility where you board him or her allows you to bring your own dog food.

All boarded pets should be properly vaccinated. The facility where you board your dog should ask you for documentation that your dog has received at least its parvo, distemper and boardetella vaccines. Dogs over 16 weeks of age should have been vaccinated against rabies. If they do not ask you for proof that your dog was vaccinated more than two weeks prior to boarding, it is possible that there are dogs at the boarding facility that have not been vaccinated against all of the common communicable diseases.

Before leaving your dog, take a tour of the facility you are considering so you can see where your dog will sleep and how the boarded dogs spend their day. Each dog should have its own clean space. The dogs should be taken outside multiple times during the day so they don’t defecate in their sleeping area. While you are on your tour, look for attendants who are interacting with the dogs and a large area for them to play outdoors. The dogs in the facility should appear happy and the building should smell fresh. The best facilities for dog boarding in NYC has to offer are clean and have enough employees to give each dog individual attention while you are away. Visit NY Tails for more information.

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