Three Physical Symptoms of IBS That You May Need to Get Help For

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Irritable bowel symptom is an uncomfortable condition that affects the large intestine. You will need to get professional care if you are diagnosed with IBS. The following are a few of the symptoms you may experience if you have it.

Stomach Cramps

Many people who suffer from IBS in Seattle experience stomach cramps. Therefore, you may notice an increased amount of cramping after you eat certain foods. Alternatively, you may have cramps for no apparent reason.


You may also suffer from bouts of diarrhea if you have IBS in Seattle. Diarrhea is defined as a runny stool. Your stool may have an extremely watery consistency, and you might find yourself going to the bathroom much more than you usually would.


Constipation is on the other end of the spectrum in IBS. You may have a hard time going to the bathroom because your stools are too hard. The frequency of your bowel movements may be low as well. You can suspect that you’re suffering from constipation if you move your bowels fewer than three times in one week.

You must seek professional treatment if you think you have IBS. You will need a diagnosis, and then you will have to decide which course of treatment you want to explore. Acupuncture is a popular ancient technology that has been quite successful in treating people with IBS. You may want to look into it if you’re new to IBS, or if you have tried other methods that haven’t worked for you.

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