Three Questions to Ask an Outdoor Cooler Manufacturer in Phoenix

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Have you decided to buy an outdoor cooling kit in Phoenix, Arizona? Are you worried about how to install the kit? There are many questions you should ask an outdoor cooler manufacturer in Phoenix before you buy a kit. Here are the three most commonly asked questions.

How Should I Mount the Tubing?

Companies such as Aero Mist, Inc. recommend that you mount the tubing around the perimeter of your gazebo, patio, deck, or other outdoor space. The mounting kit includes simple instructions, making it very easy for you to install yourself. You should always remember safety comes first. If you are using a ladder, you may want to consider another person holding the bottom so it does not tip or fall.

What Nozzle Size Should I Buy?

The misting kits offer three types of tubing. The different tubing materials are all rated to 1000 PSI. You will want to consider which nozzle is best for your climate. Nozzles work to control the high-pressure cooling. For example, standard kits generally include a nozzle size of .012”. These nozzles work great to cool patios and are designed for the driest areas of Phoenix. If you live in a humid area, you should consider a .008” nozzle. These smaller nozzles emit less water and provide better evaporation. An outdoor cooler manufacturer in Phoenix can provide expert advice on what size nozzle you should buy for your area.

What are The Common Materials in Misting Tubing Kits?

Misting tubing kits are often offered in stainless steel, copper, and nylon. You can buy these materials in different colors to match the color or aesthetic of your home. The common standard colors for stainless steel include almond, caramel, basic stainless steel, cafe, and rust brown.

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