Three Reasons to Transform Your Unfinished Basement and Forget About Additions

by | Jun 4, 2019 | Business, Construction & Contractors

The cost of adding a traditional addition to your home can be shocking. Transforming a basement you already have is usually a more cost-conservative way to get the added living space you need without losing any yard space in the process. You can make the darkest, dingiest looking basement look like the most contemporary part of your home in no time.

Add Extra Living Space for Less

Finishing an unfinished basement can be the more affordable option for homeowners that are looking to add living space to their home on a budget. It’s less complicated and takes fewer materials to transform a basement environment into an entertainment area, extra bedrooms, an office, or to accommodate any number of specialized needs. There’s no need to build a roof or floor, which saves tons of cash on the entire project. Getting the basement finishing Simsbury, CT, homeowners rely on for quality results is the easiest way to nearly double the available space in your home.

Perfect Solution for Growing Families

If you are running out of space for your growing family, finishing your basement is the perfect way to add more living space for bedrooms, family rooms, or even an extra bathroom. Adding the right lighting and decor will make it a favorite area for the entire family. Create a movie room or space for the entire family to work out and stay healthy.

Generate Extra Income

Add a small apartment to your home by finishing your basement and bring in extra income each month by renting on a temporary or long-term basis. It’s easy to do when you hire the experts in basement finishing in Simsbury, CT, that property owners trust for a flawless design and construction.

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