Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Patenting Your Invention

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For a variety of reasons, patents are enormously valuable. A patent registration prevents others from using your unique invention. It ensures the inventor’s ownership and prevents others from monetizing the patented innovation. Below are some of the advantages of having a patent.

Patents Prevent Unhealthy Competition

A patent for product design establishes an entrance barrier, preventing others from selling a comparable product that is a direct competitor to yours. This allows small businesses to compete against huge enterprises. Normally, a major firm would have a significant edge over an upcoming start-up with an innovation, but holding a patent prevents large corporations with vast marketing and production resources from exploiting your concept.

Patents Attract Investors

It is significantly simpler to secure capital investment backing, from angel investors or venture capital, if you have a patent for product design. Moreover, you may pitch your invention without the worry of having your concept stolen. Prospective investors will be more intrigued by your idea if they notice you’ve taken the effort to get a patent, and feel more comfortable investing in it.

Improves the Value of a Company

On patenting your invention, you gain a new intangible asset. Your business patent, like other assets, may boost the value of your firm. The value of your patent will be added to the total estimated worth of your company with the help of a few tools and procedures.

Therefore, if you ever want to merge with another firm or purchase another company, your patent might assist in boosting the overall worth of your company.

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