Three Steps to Take After a Motor Vehicle Collision in Lubbock

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Motor vehicle accidents often happen so fast that it’s hard to think on your feet and remember what to do. The following are three tips that you should adhere to if you ever get into a car accident.

Get Medical Treatment

Many people fail to get medical treatment after a car accident because they don’t feel any pain right after the incident. You should visit a doctor as soon as possible. You may have injuries that need to be covered and treated. You’ll need the documentation to get help with reimbursement.

Gather Evidence and Witnesses

You should get as much documentation as possible about what happened in your accident. In other words, you should take pictures of injuries and damages to your vehicle. You should also gather witness statements and ask the people who saw the incident if they would like to testify if the need arose.

Talk to an Attorney

Schedule an appointment with a motor vehicle collision attorney in Lubbock, TX, as soon as you can. A motor vehicle collision attorney in Lubbock, TX, can review your case to see if you might be eligible for personal injury compensation. You could be eligible to receive money to pay for your medical bills and auto repairs if the accident occurred because of someone else’s neglect. Personal injury compensation is payable whether you receive help from the insurance company or not. Therefore, it’s worth looking into.

Contact Kyra K. Blankenship to schedule a consultation about your incident.

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