Three Tips to Go From Sewing Novice to Finishing Your Very First Quilt

by | Jul 4, 2019 | Shopping & Fashion

Are you new to quilting? If you’re looking for new projects in which you can sink your teeth, there’s plenty from which you can choose. While some projects are much easier to complete than others, beginner quilters can get easily overwhelmed if they’re not careful. That’s why this article can give you a few tips for learning how to quilt.


Pick the Right Patterns

Select patterns with large pieces. These pieces will go together a lot easier than they would if they were larger. When you pick patterns with large pieces, you will also have to deal with fewer seams. When you follow these directives, you’re less likely to make mistakes.


Pick the Right Shapes for Your Quilt


Believe it or not, shapes matter when it comes to selecting the right pattern. Many teachers in a beginner’s quilting class will advise you to pick patterns that have rectangles or squares. If you decide that you’re going to go full speed ahead with triangles, you will have to deal with difficult edges. To make things easier for yourself, try using patterns with easier shapes in the beginning.


Pick Patterns with Pre-Cuts


If you take a “Quilting for Beginners” class, you might learn that pre-cuts can greatly add a visual punch to your first quilt. Pre-cuts are fabrics that are cut in different sizes. By choosing a quilt project that uses pre-cuts, you won’t have to cut so much fabric yourself.


In addition to following these three tips, you can really advance your progress by taking a “Quilting for Beginners” class. Not only will you gain foundational knowledge, but you can also develop a great hobby for yourself.


When you purchase quilting patterns online, look for patterns that have labels with “beginner” or “novice”. Many companies sell quilting patterns according to the level of ability. This practice allows you to choose patterns that you can successfully complete.

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