Tips for a Safer Body Piercing

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The last few years body piercing has exploded in popularity and entered the mainstream of society. It seems like almost everyone has some type of body piercing these days, be it the traditional ear piercing, belly button, eyebrow, lip, nose, tongue or other body areas that are hidden. If you are considering body piercing, you need to keep hygiene and safety at the top of the list. If not done properly a piercing can come with some inherent risks. Below are a few tips to follow to make sure that your piercing is done safely and does not result in a potentially risky infection.

Use a Professional Body Piercer: Body piercing is much more complicated than merely pushing a needle through a part of your body. It is best to use a professional body piercer especially if you do not have the proper tools needed to do a piercing or if the piercing is on an area of your body that you cannot reach comfortably.

Purchase Quality Piercing Tools: If you insist on doing your own piercing it is a must to purchase quality piercing tools. When you shop at a well-established online body jewelry store that offers a wide variety of piercing kits, including piercing needles you will find exactly what you need. Each pack of piercing needles range in sizes and quantity. Each needle is of the highest quality surgical stainless steel and sterilized as well as stamped verifying the date of sterilization and the expiration date as well.

Choose High Quality Jewelry: Choose only quality metals that will not cause irritation or infection to your body. Avoid body jewelry that is flimsy or cheap and select quality over design. Quality materials like sterling silver, surgical stainless steel, 14k solid gold and titanium is best.

Aftercare Products: During the healing process it is important to keep the pierced area clean. One of the most effective ways to cleanse a body piercing is to use a piercing aftercare spray. You can use this spray daily and around 3-6 times. This helps promote the healing of your piercing. The aftercare spray can help prevent itching, scar tissue, lumps and infections.

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