Tips for Buying the Best Menstrual Cup for Heavy Flow

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Today’s market is flooded with many menstrual cup brands. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and unsure of which one to choose as your first menstrual cup or the best menstrual cup for heavy flow. To ensure that a menstrual cup is suitable for your body, examine the following considerations before buying the most popular brand or whatever is most readily accessible.

Determine Your Flow

If you are currently using tampons or pads during your menstrual cycle, the best way to determine how heavy your flow is to ask yourself how often you change them. Tampon boxes commonly feature an absorbency rating that estimates the capacity of various sizes.

You may compare the menstrual cup’s capacity with that of your regular tampons to see how much more absorbent they are. In other words, if you use a 12 ml super tampon for three hours, you may use a 25 ml menstrual cup for about six hours. The best period cup for heavy flow is harder to determine if you only use pads, as they don’t come with any absorbency ratings on their box. The best way to determine your flow is how often you must change your pad.

Pick Your Firmness

For women who have sensitive bladders, it’s recommended that the best menstrual cup for heavy flow is a softer one that doesn’t have a prominent rim. The reason why is because softer cups don’t press as firmly against the bladder, so you won’t feel like you constantly need to pee. For active women, a firmer cup is recommended as it won’t get crushed by your muscles. If the cup is crushed, it can break the seal and cause embarrassing leaks.

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