Tips for Choosing the Right Hair Extensions in Lawrence, Kansas

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Hair Care

Hair extensions can seem overwhelming with all the choices available in Lawrence, Kansas. But, if you have a clear idea of what you are looking for, it becomes much simpler to find the right extensions. The tips on this page will help you find hair extensions in Lawrence, KS suitable for your needs.

Length and Hair Type

Hair extensions come in a range of lengths and types. Generally speaking, the longer the hair length, the more expensive it will be. Natural human hair is usually recommended over synthetic extensions, but there are things to remember when choosing your extensions. Synthetic hair is less expensive than natural hair. It can be flat-ironed, blow-dried, washed, dyed and lightened. Human hair extensions will require special care to keep them looking good.

Hair Quality

Not all hair is created equal. The best hair extensions will be human hair. That may be the most beneficial choice if you can get your hands on some. Once you have chosen your extension length, deciding what type of hair you want is essential. If you are getting a short haircut, then look for extensions that are very light in color. Longer hair will blend in with your natural hair color easily.

Hair Color

This is another significant factor when choosing hair extensions in Lawrence, KS. Hair extensions are available in different colors and shades. Choosing dark hair will make the extensions look more natural and enhance the color of your actual hair. Light-colored extensions may be a better choice if you have very light hair.

Hair extensions are easy to get the look you want without sacrificing your natural hair. Contact Lou & Co Hair Studio Downtown at for quality hair extensions in Lawrence, KS.

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