Tips for Improving Home Security in Germantown, TN

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Shopping & Fashion

Unless they’re willing to spend a small fortune on hiring private security firms, most homeowners can’t absolutely ensure their homes won’t be broken into by burglars. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing the average homeowner can do to prevent break-ins, though. Read on to find some helpful tips for home security in Germantown, TN that can make any home a less-likely target even if it can’t reduce the risk of break-ins to zero.

Limit Access

Most homeowners know that they should install high-quality locks on their front doors and other exterior entries, but few consider how many other potential entry points their homes have. Locking gates can help to prevent burglars from entering the property. Some homeowners also go the extra mile and paint their gutters with specialized, slippery paint or keep their windows locked 24/7.

Install Cameras

Security cameras will deter most burglars from even trying to break into a home. They’ll see the cameras and realize the property isn’t an easy target. Even if an exceptionally bold burglar decides to ignore the cameras, the footage will help homeowners get their property back after the break-in by showing the police exactly who did it.

Hide Valuables from View

Leave nothing in view of the home’s windows that will give burglars incentive to break in. Remove large sums of money from the house, and keep jewelry, laptops, smartphones, and large TVs away from windows where they can’t be seen. It’s also important to keep the door keys out of view.

Stay Safe on Vacation

Stop mail deliveries while on vacation, leave a car in the driveway, and purchase variable timers for lights and televisions. It will reduce the chances that burglars will notice the home and assume it’s vacant if they’re driving through the neighborhood.

Install Alarms

Homeowners have their choice of alarm systems, ranging from traditional wired systems to technologically advanced wireless ones that integrate with their smartphones. Installing an alarm system can dramatically improve residential security in Germantown, TN by both acting as a deterrent and alerting homeowners and the authorities should a burglar choose to ignore it. Visit the website to find a home security technician who can help homeowners choose and install the right alarm system.

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