Tips for Keeping Your Amazing Job Even if You Have Body Jewelry

by | Oct 3, 2019 | Business, Jewelry

Body jewelry is the main point of discussion in some establishments and corporations. Some employers are lenient about body piercings, while others will not tolerate it in any way. The following are three tips you can use to help you survive at a job that doesn’t necessarily embrace piercings.

Be Conservative With Your Piercings

One thing you could do to make life easier for yourself is to be conservative with your body art. For example, you could wear small nose, labret and eyebrow jewelry instead of wearing large for flashy pieces. Your employer will be less likely to reprimand you if you wear your jewelry wisely. It’s possible to be conservative with body jewelry and keep yourself, your customers and your boss happy for as long as you’re there.

Wear Corporate Colors

You can also opt to buy body jewelry that matches corporate colors. Gray and black are good options when you’re not trying to be too gaudy or flashy with your body art.

Wear Nose Ring Retainers

You can wear a retainer nose ring if you work at an establishment that does not approve of piercings and body art. A retainer nose ring is an almost invisible plastic unit that you can put into your piercing so that it won’t close when you aren’t wearing your jewelry. The retainer is clear, so your boss will never know you have it on.

Use the tips we mentioned above so that you can survive in the world of employment even if you have body art. Be careful not to fight or get upset about your employer’s preferences when it comes to body art. Continue to do the best job you can and to resolve anything offensive before it causes problems. Good luck on your job and enjoy your beautifully adorned face and body.

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