Tips to Empty Your Fridge and Pantry Before Moving Day

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Tips to Empty Your Fridge and Pantry Before Moving Day

While you’re getting ready for an upcoming move, it’s all too easy to put certain things on the back burner. When thinking of the food that’s in your pantry and your refrigerator, it can be tempting to simply toss it all, but that’s not the only way to handle it. Read on for some suggestions on what to do with the foods you don’t want or can’t take with you.

Shop Wisely

During your daily or weekly shopping trips, it’s easy to grab stuff you don’t need or buy things simply because they’re on sale. We suggest putting a mental “expiration date” on everything you buy to ensure that you eat it all before the move. After all, the meat, dairy, and produce you buy won’t be such a great deal if you have to throw it out before its time. Moving companies Oak Park IL can provide additional tips and advice.

Eat Perishables First

Anything in your freezer and refrigerator is worth inventorying so you can plan your meals in ways that optimize your budget and your food supply. It’s time to get creative with your cooking, so you use as much of your perishables as possible. In the end, you can always share what’s left with family, friends, and neighbors.

Save Something For Moving Day

Don’t forget about feeding yourself and your family on moving day! Keep some snacks, sandwiches, and bottled drinks nearby so you can stay nourished as you’re starting your trip. We wish you luck during your move!

Call the Pros Today

Moving is stressful, but dealing with the leftover food in your fridge and pantry doesn’t have to be. With a little creativity, some advance planning, and the tips in this guide, you can maximize your food budget and minimize waste. Visit our website at or call today to request a personalized moving quote from moving companies Oak Park IL.

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