Too Injured to Work? Disability Lawyers in Chicago Can Help

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When Americans become disabled, there are very few public programs available to help them. The Social Security disability programs are the only program that will provide them with income and health insurance. Even these are not immediately available. A person must have been continuously unemployed for twelve months to receive benefits. Until that time the person is expected to live off their savings or have family members help them. Even after that period it can be difficult to be approved for these benefits. Over 70 percent of the people who apply for the Social Security disability program in Chicago have their applications denied. Disability Lawyers in Chicago can help them successfully appeal this denial.

To be considered for Social Security disability programs the person must not be able to do the work their job requires, and their disability must prevent them from doing any other type of work. Many applicants and their doctors spend too much time documenting the illness or injury and not enough time showing that the person is unable to work. Disability Lawyers in Chicago know how to answer the questions to prove that a person is not able to function in the workplace. They can document how the person cannot stand or sit long enough to do paperwork or run machinery. They can demonstrate how arthritis makes it impossible for them to use their hands to type, cashier or work on a factory floor.

Lawyers at Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd also know the reasons that Social Security Administration staff reject applications from disabled persons. If the staff believes that the patient has not followed their doctor’s instructions this can lead to a rejection. An application could be rejected, if a patient doesn’t go to physical therapy for their back and the doctor believes that this would enable them to return to work. The applicant’s lawyer will work to show that physical therapy is impossible because of the pain the patient is in. He can also find a medical expert to show why physical therapy won’t help in that specific case. The lawyer can navigate the program, while the disabled person copes with their illness or injury.

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