Top 4 Cannabis Accessories in Spokane That You Can’t Live Without

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Cannabis accessories are “must haves,” but how do you know what accessories to choose for your needs? Here are the top 3 cannabis accessories in Spokane.

Rolling Tray

A rolling tray helps you keep all your cannabis in one place. The ideal tray has a smooth finish and slightly elevated edges so the weed stays where you need it. You can find trays in different sizes, so you can have one at home and another for travel.

USB Mini Charger

If you lose the charger for your 510 thread battery, no worries! You can add a USB mini charger to your collection. These nice “must have” devices are available at your favorite cannabis accessories store.

Inhaler Device

If you enjoy cannabis oil, an inhaler device is a great addition. You can find inhaler devices at places that sell cannabis accessories in Spokane. The devices do not get hot, so they are comfortable and easy to use. The cool temperature also means that you maximize the cannabinoid and terpene compounds in the weed. You get the benefits is the purest form, without any odor, smoke, or vapor. This is one of the best ways to enjoy your cannabis discretely.


Although having a lighter may seem like an obvious choice, not just any lighter will do for your cannabis. You want a reliable flame, so choose one from a reputable brand. The lighter should also fit easily into your accessory case. You can find high-quality lighters at your favorite cannabis shop.

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