Top Tips to Choosing the Best Kitchen Cabinets in Springfield MO

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One of the main elements in any kitchen remodel is the cabinetry. The kitchen cabinets you choose when renovating your home will play a huge impact on its overall appeal. Cabinets are the first things you view when you step into the kitchen space. They represent your style and attention to detail. So how then do you choose kitchen cabinets that make a good first impression? We’ll share with you a couple of tips to spend less and get stunning cabinetry.

Transform stock cabinets with molding

Molding can be a great way to transform stock kitchen cabinets in Springfield MO. You can add crown molding to make the existing kitchen cabinets look amazing, so you don’t even have to remove them. You can also consider edge molding on new stock cabinets so as to give them that unique appeal. There are different types of molding, and your kitchen remodeler should advice you on how to choose the best one.

Opt for other materials instead of solid wood

Who said your kitchen cabinets need to be made of solid wood. There are other materials like glass that are perfect for smaller kitchens because they tend to open up the space and make it appear bigger. Materials like metal, stainless steel and melamine are also cheaper than most hardwoods, and they look amazing when used on kitchen cabinets.

Consider decorative finishes

There are so many decorative finishes which can be used to add life to your kitchen cabinets in Springfield MO. For instance, you can consider glazing the cabinets to blend with your kitchen appliances. However, if you bought cabinets made of solid wood then you can just leave them without any finish because they look amazing in their natural state. Opt for lighter kitchen cabinets because they look better in most spaces.

Choose quality hardware

Most importantly, make sure the hardware you use on the kitchen cabinets look great and can last long. This includes items like knobs and drawer pulls. They need to be selected carefully, and you can shop around for inexpensive cabinet knobs online which blend with the theme of your kitchen space. You can even change these knobs later on to give the cabinets a transformed look without spending much.

There’s a lot to learn when investing in kitchen cabinets in Springfield MO. You just have to take your time and consider the cabinetry that works for your style, needs and budget.

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