Tree Preservation Methods That Are Available in Fort Myers, FL

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When you begin to notice a problem with a tree on your property, your mind might immediately jump to removal. While that is the only viable option in some cases, it’s important to know that there are other options available, depending on the condition of the tree. If you desire to keep the tree, Tree preservation in Fort Myers, FL, offers numerous methods of saving ailing trees to keep them growing and thriving for many years to come.


In some cases, your tree may be dying due to various insects that are eating away at the flesh of the tree. As the damage grows worse, the tree will have more and more trouble completing the processes necessary for life, resulting in a dying tree. To help preserve your tree, then, insecticides can be utilized, typically through injection, to kill off the pests that are causing the problem to allow the tree to heal itself. It is important that these injections be started at the first sign of damage, as insects can do a lot of harm in a short amount of time.

Support Cables

Another problem that a tree may face is a dead or diseased limb that threatens to damage the tree if it falls off. If the limb is large enough, it could leave a large wound on the tree as it rips away from the main structure. This open wound is bad news to the health of the tree, as it offers an open invitation for fungus and parasites to begin eating away at the flesh of the tree. An important part of tree preservation in Fort Myers, FL, then, is to support this large branch using steel cables until the branch either heals itself or until it can be properly removed. This will prevent the branch from ripping away on its own, thus protecting the rest of the tree.

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